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Interior Decoration

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

There is a remarkable beauty to the stone of Salento, called Leccese stone. Most structures are built on Pillars which hold faceted vaults. Rooms are high and defined by their floors which are traditionally cement decorative tiles that fill the center's of the rooms like carpets with borders. Decor is simple, the objects should be bold and clean. Lighting is crucial.

We will be opening the center of the house through to the rear with the removal of one wall, and the opening of the back to an arched window.

Only one bathroom served the house, and we will have three. As we finalize the plans these images will serve as guides for what we eventually select.


Two small areas of original tile were still intact when we purchased. They have been removed, and will be cleaned and reused. The rest will be made from scratch by the Martí Company in Spongano. Our first design job will be to select patterns, borders, and colors so they can be produced for when they need to be laid.

Starting with the tiles, since we had no "miraculous intervention" in finding the original tiles below the one's that were put down in the 70's.

Another three trips to Marti the first, the day after arrival. It was the one thing we were clear about; but had yet to pick out styles for each area.

Master Bath textures and fixtures

The Studio/guest bedroom

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